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  1. There will be 2 groups A & B, In first match of both group top 5 teams will be selected for final
  2. From Top 6 to Top 15 teams will be selected for the semi final
  3. In semi final top 14 teams will be selected for final
  4. Prize will be distributed to Top 3 Teams
    • Team 1(5000 pkr)
    • Team 2(3000 pkr)
    • Team 3(2000 pkr)
  5. The final match will always be in TPP mode. Top 3 teams from the final match will be declared based on this points table which will be in our website announcement tab
  6. However, the team leaders have the option to let us know if the Money needs to be sent to some other player in the team.
  7. If there is a change in the lineup, you must update the same using the registration form,before the match. Unknown players, not matching the IGN in any slot, will be kicked out of the room without any warning.
  8. And you have to pay registration Fee to a Jazz cash From the number you get confirmation and you have to inform first on whats app before submitting the fee 

            Players using the joystick or gadget aren’t allowed.

            1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Instagram page.
            2. Submit the online form. Registration is opened now and tournament will be announced once we reached 50 slots.
            3. Your WhatsApp should be same when you Register Form
            4. On the day of the match, the Room ID and password will be given via WhatsApp only. You need to join WhatsApp group before the day of the match. From there you will be given tournament specific roles to join tournament. The Room ID and password will be given before 20 minutes before the match start.
            5. Please make sure to join the correct slot. Slot will be provided on WhatsApp groups. If you join in another slot apart from which is provided, you might be removed from the room without a warning.


            1. The MVP of the first team will get: 5000 pkr.
            2. The MVP of the second team will get: 3000 pkr.
            3. The MVP of the third team will get: 2000 pkr.
            1. Squad tournament only. You must have at least 3 players, from the registered list of 4 players to join the room. You can play without having a clan but not without having a minimum of 3 players. Entries violating this rule will be removed without a warning.
            2. If a minimum of 15 teams does not register in each group then the first 25 teams (based on registration date & time) from both groups will play only one FPP match on Sunday. Timing remains the same. Top 3 winners will be declared based on this points      table.
            3. The MVPs in the top 3 teams, based on total points (i.e. rank points + kill points) will be declared as the winner by default. However, the team leader can decide to pass on the money to some other player, with everyone’s consent.
            4. In the case of two teams ending up with the same total points, the number of kills matter and not their ranking. Out of two teams whoever has the most number of kills, wins.
            5. Teams are warned not to use ALL CHAT while participating in our tournaments, no matter what the case.
            6. Teams are to sit on their respective slots as mentioned in #team-list with a minimum of 3 players present. Occupying incorrect slots or having insufficient teammates will result in your team being kicked from the room.
            7. Teams are requested to be punctual when joining the customs and to not delay the matches.
            8. You must have all the maps installed. The selected map and the mode (TPP or FPP) for the tournament will be declared beforehand when the registration is open. Please read it properly on the registration form. This won’t change based on anyone’s suggestion. You can verify the same on the registration page.
            9. You need to be a subscriber of our YouTube channel and follower of our Instagram page, to be eligible to claim the UC.
            10. No abusive words or insulting some other player or calling all and sundry hacker without sufficient evidence.
            11. Respect our moderators. They have the proper to present you Timeout or ban you permanently from the channel without caution in case you keep spamming or use abusive phrases inside the chat.
            12. No emulator players allowed. For the RP visit our giveaway page. But for tournament only mobile players.
            13. Teaming up with other squads isn’t allowed. If caught both teams will be declared as disqualified even if they manipulate to win. No exceptions.
            14.  If someone person from a squad is caught hacking or doing any suspicious activities then the whole squad could be disqualified and may be banned on a permanent basis.
            15. Only registered players, as enlisted within the four slots will be allowed. Any different random player in any slot could be eliminated without caution. So, make sure to update your registration if there is any trade in your line-up.
            16. If we see a player’s name which turned into no longer stated while submitting the form, the participant could be removed from the room without warning. No exceptions.


            To send you the money, we will need 3 screenshots from you in high resolutions. After the final match, you must send the screenshots either via Instagram DM.

            1.     Screenshot of your game profile. It should show your profile ID and IGN in high resolution.
            2.     Screenshot to prove that you have subscribed to our YouTube channel.
            3.     Screenshot to prove that you have followed our Instagram page.